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Creating an appealing and attractive online experience is an increasingly important part of creating an online profile and finding a freelance web designer can help you with that. Web pages are not just static pages but also capable of being social media hubs, customer service portals and sales people. Creating a web site aesthetic that is simple to navigate but eye catching is the realm of Web Designers. There are now numerous places to find their services and this article will discuss the major two, which are online and offline. So what are the differences?

freelance web design

In general there are two types of web designers. There are designers that are employed by companies and then there are those who work for themselves and are freelance web designers. These days design companies can offer website packages that can cater for almost any budget. However, one must be aware that most established companies usually have to pay real overheads that come with occupying physical locations. These companies have to pay rent, wages, advertising and utilities and so on. Obviously some of their quotes will reflect some of their costs and some of these costs will be passed onto you.

Freelance designers however often do not have to be burdened by these costs, and since they often work from home their expenses are less and the savings can be passed onto you. There are some specific online freelance web design sites but it's probably best to gravitate to the biggest and more reputable sites such as Elance or Freelancer. At these sites you can simply post up a project and have hundreds of web designers placing competitive bids for your contract. Often in the case of a reverse auction experience you can get highly competitive bids that design companies, with their higher overheads, simply cannot much.

Finding a freelance web designer is not just about saving money though. By looking at past contract feedback and online portfolios you can ensure you have a person who has the skills and experience to give you the best value for money. It's also important to ensure that the freelancer's style is similar to the one you envision for your website so that in the end you get exactly what you want. Finally, ensure that you communicate as much information to your freelancer so as to minimize confusion and mistakes. This will ensure you have the best possible service and an enviable final product.

Freelance web designer